Harley rear master cylinder bore size

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Im going to run a single 4 piston caliper up front, its off of a 02 Honda RC The original specs for the donor bike are as follows. Paired with a 17mm Master Cylinder. Since Im just going to be using 1 of the 2 calipers should I still try to shoot for the original 17mm master cylinder?

Man, I am glad you asked this question. I don't understand 2 caliper vs. I run a Brembo 4 piston goldline caliper. It takes a 13mm MC. If you run a 17mm MC for a single 4 piston designed for dual 4 piston calipers, you're going to get a "wooden" lever. My caliper came off a ducati monster with dual 4 piston calipers, and Brembo standardized this setup with a 16mm MC.

Mikes XS has a few different MC options. Mixing an American MC with a metric caliper is easily done. You could also track down some sport bike Nissin MCs. Not too sure on exact piston bore size, but a lot of guys use these if you're planning on running a tiny reservoir. About You can get all this info from Yoyodyne. I think the dude's name is Fred. Last edited by Blackbetty; at AM. You can mix them but what you get into isLearn more about Dennis Kirk.

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harley rear master cylinder bore size

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harley rear master cylinder bore size

Apparel back. Featured Harley Brands View All back. Get more Dennis Kirk. Shop by Discount back. Ride Types All Ride Types. Motorcycle Harley-Davidson Categories All Categories. Brakes 1, Master Cylinder J Rider and passenger safety depend upon the correct installation of this kit.

Use the appropriate service manual procedures. If the procedure is not within your capabilities or you do not have the correct tools, have a Harley-Davidson dealer perform the installation. Improper installation of this kit could result in death or serious injury. A service manual for your motorcycle is available from any Harley-Davidson Dealer. See Figure 6 and Table 1. See Figure 1. The bore size is stamped 1 on the master cylinder assembly inboard of the handlebar clamp bracket.

These master cylinder assemblies are not interchangeable. Using the wrong assembly can adversely affect braking efficiency or result in brake failure which could result in death or serious injury. DOT 4 brake fluid will damage painted and body panel surfaces it comes in contact with. Always use caution and protect surfaces from spills whenever brake work is performed. Failure to comply can result in cosmetic damage.

View interactive image. Avoid leakage. Be sure gaskets, banjo bolt sbrake line and master cylinder bore are clean and undamaged before assembly. Removing or installing the master cylinder assembly without the insert in place may result in damage to the rubber boot and plunger on the front stoplight switch. Wear safety glasses or goggles when removing or installing retaining rings.

Retaining rings can slip from the pliers and could be propelled with enough force to cause serious eye injury. New master cylinder comes with all internal components preassembled. It is not necessary to remove the components from the bore of the old master cylinder. See Service Parts page. Do not allow dirt or debris to enter the master cylinder reservoir. Dirt or debris in the reservoir can cause improper operation and equipment damage.

harley rear master cylinder bore size

Use denatured alcohol to clean brake system components. Do not use mineral-based solvents such as gasoline or paint thinnerwhich will deteriorate rubber parts even after assembly.

Deterioration of these components can cause brake failure, which could result in death or serious injury. The cover is labeled for D. Install this cover on reservoirs filled only with D. Do not mix grades of brake fluid as they are not compatible and could cause equipment damage.

Never mix D. T 4 with other brake fluids such as D. Mixing different types of fluid may adversely affect braking ability and lead to brake failure which could result in death or serious injury.Learn the basics of how your master cylinder bore size affects braking performance and pedal feel by watching this four-minute Summit Racing Quick Flicks video.

The boys at Summit Racing will try not to bore you.

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Welcome back to Summit Racing Quick flicks, today we are going to address some frequently asked questions about master cylinder bore sizing so prepare to be bored. In our previous videos about braking system components, as far as master cylinders and disc brake versus drum brakes go, we addressed some generalities as far as what master cylinders are right for an application.

The thing about it is, that is one of those things where you really have to do your research to determine which one is going to be correct if you are building a custom system because there is a lot of different ranges of master cylinders out there that are available.

The main factor that is going to come into play is the bore sizing of the master cylinder which I think most people have a little bit of confusion about as far as what is right for what type of system. Logic would tell you that a larger bore size in a master cylinder should produce more pressure but that is actually not true. Because of fluid velocity and fluid movement in most cases the smaller the bore of the master cylinder means the more pressure you are going to have at the caliper assembly or the wheel cylinder assembly.

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Whereas if you have a larger bore master cylinder it is actually going to produce less pressure, its actually going to give you a harder pedal feel as an end result. Having a general understanding of bore size is critical to selecting the proper master cylinder for your application. Getting the right master cylinder is all about proper pressure whether it be at the caliper or at the wheel cylinder. Generally speaking we want the pressure at the caliper to be somewhere between and 1, psi, question is how do you know if that master cylinder is going to make that pressure at that caliper assembly.

It is kind of one of those things that become a guessing game in the end to determine which one is going to be right. With the right amount of pedal pressure you will almost always be able to get there the thing about it is what kind of pedal fill do you really want from that vehicle and how do you really want the brakes to respond.

But good braking the opposite can kind of be true where you have an extremely soft pedal where the brakes are real grabby. That can actually mean that the bore size is too small and you are building too much pressure too quickly therefore you have to go up in size as far as the bore size of the master cylinder. Supplying information on which master cylinder is exactly right for your application is really not possible for us to do via a video.

Every application is completely different from the next and will have specific needs. So if you need more information or more help on selecting which master cylinder is right for your application please contact our tech department at Surely volume required by the slave has to be equated to volume the master can supply.

Pressure is a function of foot pressure and servo pressure! I have a camaro, disc front drum rear. However, I do see master cylinders at Summit with bores of 1 inch. Would going to a 1 inch bore create any issues? TO have the same braking result, you will need to move the brake pedal 1. Your email address will not be published.

Your Website. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.A master cylinder designed for use with drum brakes will move less fluid volume than one designed for use with disc brakes.

If you're changing a drum brake setup to disc, you'll need a master cylinder with a larger bore diameter. In many cases, a drum brake setup will feature a lb.

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If connected to disc brakes, the drum master with residual valve will drag because of the residual pressure. If you use a drum brake master cylinder that doesn't feature a residual valve, the brake pedal will be spongy, requiring pumping of the brakes to attain sufficient pressure.

As disc pads wear, the caliper pistons will move further outward toward the rotor, causing the reservoir fluid level to drop more than it would for a drum brake reservoir. It typically will be smaller than a disc master, and fluid reservoirs will be the same size. Drum brake master cylinders require residual valves. Original drum master cylinders may feature built-in residual valves. Aftermarket master cylinders may require residual valves to be added to the plumbing circuits.

If the brake system is manual no power boosterthe master cylinder bore diameter should be less than 1 in. A power brake master cylinder will typically feature a larger bore diameter than a manual master cylinder.

A manual master cylinder can be mounted to a power booster, but a power master cylinder likely cannot be used without a power booster, because its larger bore size will result in a hard pedal, and the piston hole will be too shallow, which may allow the pushrod to fall out of the piston's pushrod hole. A master cylinder's rear pushrod hole must be deep in order to keep the pushrod in place.

If a performance vehicle currently is equipped with front disc and rear drum brakes and the customer wishes to upgrade to rear disc brakes, the changeover will require replacing the current master cylinder with a true four-wheel-disc master cylinder, since the change to disc from drum will require additional fluid volume.

Generally, drum brakes require about to psi, discs to psi. The new master cylinder for four-wheel disc brakes will require a longer stroke and larger reservoir for the rear circuit. Rear disc brakes aren't always needed. Often, the change from rear drum to rear disc brakes is more trouble and expense than it's worth.

There are some things you must know when selecting a master cylinder. A larger-diameter master cylinder will displace more fluid volume than a smaller-diameter unit, but will create less line pressure. The result is a harder pedal requiring more braking effort. Also, whenever possible, be sure brake fluid level is above both the master cylinder and the brake calipers, to prevent bleed-down. If a residual pressure valve is needed in the system, use a 2- to 4-lb.

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How to bench test master cylinders for pressure operation BEFORE putting back on!

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Harley-Davidson Master Cylinder

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